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tv   Australias Lost Generation  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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make it back ensuring at least for now that their lives stay very much in limbo that's one of the reasons things have been set up differently here where the beginning of the new show response that position in response was to set up then as we need no other shelter but since they didn't like it they would have the hammocks outside to sell their. hammocks because it's what they're used to sleeping on not. fernando good you know with you in h.c.r. tells me hundreds of them have been placed in this converted gymnasium to help the white house feel more stable there you know i'm a very vulnerable position in the it's clear when we receive them at the border when we check their health conditions it's very clear that they have more room than abilities in they need they have more specific needs. but it's not just the sleeping arrangements that are unique camp administrators also set up
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a communal kitchen. one of the more interesting things we found in this shelter is that the what hour are provided with food and they prepare their own meals it's another way for them to try to preserve cultural traditions many are afraid are disappearing. food that is about much more than eating products that are about much more than selling essential threads of a history they'll do anything to keep alive mohammed atta at the pinta lundy a shelter in bolivia brazil conservationists on the kenyan coast say endangered total species are at risk of dying out because of poaching catherine sawyer reports from the coastal town of white tamil web volunteers a battling to save the vulnerable reptile. a green tart all carefully covers eggs she's just laid back stone we have to be careful distracting how with bright lights may force her to stop what she's doing this stretch of beach in what time on the
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kenyan coast is a nesting site for hundreds of green and all you've really tuttle's both endangered species. every time they come out of the ocean to nest there life is in danger hunting them is illegal but some people here do for meat and or oil which they say is maybe seen all and it's also an aphrodisiac this residence of what tom walker tuttle conservation group it's their job to guard the tuttles but the biggest threat is poaching where some people should be talking. that's why we are patrolling to give the security for the nesting mothers they then tag them to keep count of how many are out there up to four hours of hard labor she has done and has covered up eggs the best way she can to protect them from predators she's lucky that she's in a protected area many tuttle's that come up to nest in other parts of the beach are
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in most danger of being hunted down for food by people another tart all lead her eggs in what is considered a danger zone this part of the bitch is too exposed the tuttle watches have to move the eggs to a safe area it's a delicate process. they have to make sure the eggs are well protected from poachers and direct sunlight. during the nesting season they carry out by weekly surveys which they say are often green last week the last survey that we did we collected a total of a chat room is considering statistics we feel like we haven't done enough because we have done our outreach with awareness of the people but still not really ready to work with us many fisherman in what time will know that tattled are protected thousand muhammad several have been trapped in his fishing net he hands them over to government wildlife wardens or conservationists in the area for a few it's
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a program that has helped but does not cover the entire coastal nesting stretch the river. is protected i think it's very difficult to see a fisherman poaching. after two months total hutchings make their way into the ocean only one in a thousand will survive into adult hood catherine saw al-jazeera on the kenyan coast. well still ahead for you on the program making future manned missions possible as space x. capsule successfully docks with the international space station for the first time . i want to tell you who swept the podium at a season ending aerial ski event in china. the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of tries we meet an entomologist on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes
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crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how all the industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. and unreported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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the space x. capsule is successfully docked at the international space station for the first time in the company's history the mission marks a milestone in commercial space exploration as annie gallacher reports. three you right here it said. when space x. is unmanned dragon capsule launched from cape canaveral on saturday it was a high stakes mission twenty seven hours later the capsule with only a test dummy on board slowly approach international space station when it excessively docked nasser in space x. declared a new era in commercial space travel to capture. the program. or emotionally exhausted. his. stressful. but
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it worked. it's been eight years since american astronauts last launched into space from u.s. soil but space x. hopes to change that the dragon capsule were main in place until friday got it and docks and aims for a splash down in the atlantic and other vital tests for the program the next mission from space x. will be a test of the capsules high altitude a book capabilities safety system designed to get astronauts out of the way if there's a problem during launch after that will come the real milestone in july space x. plans to send two astronauts into space potentially ending years of the u.s. relying on other countries to get humans to the international space station and gallica al-jazeera. time now for this fall if our marion thank you so much liverpool a best a chance to regain top spot in the english premier league you're going to club scene was held to a goalless draw away to local rivals everton the result means the trail manchester
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city by one point with nine matches to play the reds have only won two of their last five league games and i believe one hundred percent you know a chance i know that and was said game by game by game my feeling gets better about the boys because they looked really ready for it so and today of course we didn't score that happens. chelsea are now two points off the champions league places after beating fullam and granted rogers has lost his first game in charge of leicester they conceded late leaves two one up waterford josie marino says he is flattered by rumors that he may one day return to his former club around madrid but the portuguese isn't confirming anything the fifty six year old who managed rail from twenty twenty ten to twenty thirteen was responding to the president havea to bass's comments that he would welcome arrhenius return to the spanish top flight maria spoke to be in sports after barcelona as one elite thick tree over reale on saturday in relation to the words of missed that there was
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a loop president i think is very flattering the fact that the names me has somebody that could bring something to is the leader is doing an amazing new work in spain and to to mention me. is very very threatening eventis have taken a step closer to winning an eighth consecutive syria title they beat second place and napoli two one earlier result gives them a sixteen point advantage at the top with just twelve games left to play. former manchester united and arsenal star robin van persie has passed two hundred career goals and he did it and spectacular fashion the former dutch international bag to have traded for a firing or the crowd were starting. his goals helping them crush f.c. and man for a nail in the air to busy. thirty five year old plans to retire at the end of the
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season against a man though he every inch the forward that played in a world cup final and won the english premier league. after signing the biggest contract in north american sports history bryce harper has officially become a philadelphia phillies player the baseball star has completed a deal worth more than three hundred million dollars but isn't promising title success just yet andy richardson reports. this is what a three hundred and thirty million dollars sportsman looks like bryce harper has just completed the biggest deal in baseball history to become a philadelphia phillies player. has signed a thirteen year contract that will take him up to his fortieth birthday i wanted to be somewhere for a long period of time i want to finish my career somewhere. made that commitment to me and you know i can't wait to be able to be part of you know the phillies for
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a long time as a teenager he was already being described as the bron james of baseball by sports illustrated magazine so far his pro career has been with the washington nationals a six time all star hop was named the league's most valuable player in twenty fifty . one thing that we know about bryce is he's an intense individual he plays a game especially hard. cares deeply about winning has historically cared deeply about his teammates and has historically produced on the baseball field. one of the best players in baseball hoffa became a free agent after seven seasons and one hundred. didn't eighty four home runs out the nationals in a neat symmetry one hundred eighty four million dollars is the amount haul pool net after taxes with the phillies the payback has already started for the franchise fans bought one hundred eighty thousand tickets within two days of the deal being done most negotiations whether it's the largest contract in history of baseball or
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or something far smaller you're always going to have those moments and you know i won't you know necessarily comment on wednesday night specifically but i think throughout the process we had some some encouraging moments and some not so encouraging moments but the bottom line is that the at the very end we got where we needed to pay. big price tags bring big expectations the phillies have only won the world series twice the last time back in two thousand and eight so. you know not to ever come in this year and when when the world series or you know when the division of course we all want that to happen that's your goal when you walk into spring training that's a goal of the fans it's goal of everybody but good things take time as well his first targets will be getting the phillies into the playoffs for the first time since twenty eleven on the richardson al-jazeera john jones says he's open to a big money fight against brock lesnar after successfully defending his light heavyweight title at u.f.c. two three five t.v.
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ads in the smith by unanimous decision in las vegas even after being deducted two points for a low blow jones would have to step up in a weight class to fight the former heavyweight champion lesnar who is currently working with is expected to make a return to the octagon i figure if i'm going to make the game. surely big i go big or go and. i mean it's surely high risk extremely high reward i don't really see myself as anyone. that could bring in the numbers bring in. and former f one champion jenson button is trying his hand at a different sport and admits it's tougher than he thought burton has swapped his car for a bike button is in oman taking part in the routes the three stage course takes three days and covers two hundred and thirty eight kilometers the thirty nine year
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old won the f one title back in two thousand and nine. ok and that is all your sport for now it's now back to marion and london. oh very great ones very much well that wraps up the news hour but there's more of everything we're covering on the website al-jazeera dot com for the latest on our top stories but also analysis that takes you i met lines which are coming up in a couple of minutes. during sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead of some turned on the population in plain sight of
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a journalist camera these is a name to be well trained to see green peacekeeping force to look at the problem complete eighteen his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks hours after the explosions to the police say the city is safe and the civilians for the target. with detailed coverage despite the high cost the right young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of prophylactic choosing from around the world it must be a different now about is a view the three supported by many many people here in the past a republican. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how has this radical
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transformation occur. i mean no other to me that if you want to shedding light on the remaining. pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people. chanting long live algeria thousands take to the streets to protest against their president standing for a fifth term in office as his campaign manager submitted his official papers.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi a with al jazeera live from london also coming up. diplomacy not drills the u.s. and south korea decide to end large scale joint military exercises to ease tensions on the korean peninsula. and al jazeera documentary reveals new information about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. and making future manned missions possible a space x. capsule successfully docked with the international space station for the first time . welcome to the program but we begin in algeria where thousands of protesters are demanding president abdul aziz beautifully abandon his plan to run for a fifth time in office the campaign manager of the eighty two year old submitted
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his official papers but said will call for fresh early elections if he is re-elected in april but the head of the election commission has said that all candidates must submit their candidacy papers in person it's thought is current in switzerland receiving medical treatment but in baba a small. thank you. students in algiers telling their president it's time to go. the protesters wanted the constitutional court to stop abdelaziz bouteflika standing for a fifth term in next month's election. police fired water cannon in the capital as the crowd swells i know. the protests have been echoed in places like france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against their fifteen mandates but also against the system they have taken our country away from
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us president buttafuoco who's eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public he recently travelled to switzerland for medical checks. on saturday he said he's a veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement. the data for tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across algeria protesters held rocks at police who fired tear gas more than two hundred people including dozens of police officers were injured the protests represent the biggest challenge the beautiful it has ruled since the twenty fourteen election which was denounced by the opposition member on the fourth. twenty fourteen there were tens to hundreds of protesters so not that much we're seeing now hundreds of thousands of protestors and the concentration was just in algiers and maybe one or two towns but that was it still in terms of intensity scale geographical location.
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numbers we're talking about a very very different level and it's very surprising. in algeria half the population is under the age of thirty and calls for approached. so social media have resonated particularly with young algerian who struggled to find the point. for now and there is the state of the project with baba al jazeera. well earlier i spoke to animals of a curve research fellow at the french school for advanced studies and the social sciences she's in algeria at the moment and says that the regime is out of touch with the demands of the people on the region sides and the idea that they will organize on to the base of the elections fake transitions as those who are transitioned they will control from the top is a way to get in time and to think that. that protestors we
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will be tyrants and get home get back home on the protester sides there's no interest in elections whatsoever curiously people are talking about general strike about cereal there's a million so they're not talking about elections or another candidate american candidate even if it's not bullshit who wins the election so there's a sort of disconnection between the regime and the people who actually currently they want to organize their own political life you know they have been marginalized from the oprah show boys you call life in sixty two is indeed the end in the d.m. dependency of the country and now they are singing it from now we can do we want to be in control want to get back control back over our political life and that's why they are not targeting only would see a car but asking for the system has the will to to lead and that's why also they have been so happy to be able to take the streets. in the unity in philly that are
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easy and also in self control they have been able to do so without any balance. the u.s. and south korea have announced they will scale back joint military exercises the large scale drills on the korean peninsula have been a point of contention with north korea's leader kim jong un washington and seoul say it's part of efforts to improve ties with pyongyang which will still carry out smaller joint exercises the decision follows president donald trump's second summit with kim jong un in the vietnamese capital hanoi which ended with austan agreement well brive has more on this latest development now from the south korean capital seoul. effectively joint military exercises in south korea have been scaled back since president donald trump announced after the single poor summit last june that he was no fan of these war games as he called them that they were a waste of money but this confirmation that key resolve and foal eagle these spring
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exercises involving tens of thousands of troops of war planes ships and tanks will effectively come to an end is seen as a big concession they'll be replaced by a much smaller less high profile exercises these exercises have always enraged the north koreans who see them as a possible credit to war seems the joint militaries of south korea and the u.s. of now agreed at least in part with that saying that they do indeed lead to a rise in tension that these exercises are being ended as a way of supporting the diplomatic efforts this will be welcome by president moon j.n. of south korea who's once again standing in as a possible mediator between north korea and the u.s. to get things back on track it will also possibly help his personal initiative to try to help into korean relations go move forward to the next step he has stated in
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the last couple of days that despite the disappointment of the hanoi summit he's still determined to try to resume economic and tourism projects with north korea we still wants to try to go ahead with that although it's difficult to see just how without getting sanctions relief from the united states. well robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at the sun national university says north korea will be expected to refrain from any need testing in response ten richest military exercises. i think it's probably a quid pro quo for the continuing moratorium on the cell tests and nuclear tests the north koreans could continue to test missiles they could detonate weapons even larger than the one they did fifteen months ago sixteen months ago and i think you know trump has basically informally given them this in order to maintain that halt i suppose it's a reason we fair trade i would imagine the japanese are
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a little bit nervous about this you know the japanese like the idea of the americans aboard and korea and in japan the american presence in japan or in korea is something of a forward buffer you know defense buffer if you will for japan as well i think the japanese are pretty worried that donald trump isn't getting enough of the north koreans have the feeling that in japan there was some relief that hanoi sort of collapsed without any major concessions on the american part but i mean as long as the tests aren't going including missiles flying around your japan you know it's possible the see this is a balance positive and if the north koreans were to go back to that i think we would get exercise immediately in fact i think there probably be a very harsh snap back on this more than just exercises. a documentary airing on houses to channel al jazeera arabic has shed new light on the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi shoji was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul last october and of course so who has more from ankara. these
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pictures show a furnace tenderer over and that was built by a turkish constructor in the garden of saudi consul general's residence in istanbul just a few hundred meters away from the consulate general building where jamal for shift to was brutally murdered and according to order toppings obtained by the turkish intelligence his body parts were dismembered in the closely general building again we heard from we heard from the police department and the persecutors office that. g.'s by the parts were carry it in baggage luggage was and bags to the residence building close to the consulate and according to the police alman act as i said into thought for two thousand and eighteen at the police from the suspect that his body parts might have been burnt in the stand there were over and according to technical details of this all when it can fire up to one thousand degrees celsius
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which means that it leaves no trace of the d.n.a. of a body part or any bones and the turkish police insists that since al topeka who is a forensic experts of the saudi if it hit team who came to monitor jamal has shipped in istanbul has the certain places was about analysis of d.n.a. from the hooman bones that's why they strongly now suspect that major body parts were burned inside that over and it was already reported before and the reason why they came up to this idea is also that just a few days after jamal his ship was murdered and his body parts were brought to this place where the saudi men living inside they ordered. portions of meat and coop and cooked meat and they did barbecue that's why the police now strongly suspects that tomorrow g.'s body parts were burnt. talks between the taliban and the u.s. will resume in doha on monday and while there's optimism that an agreement can be
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reached sticking points also remain including how much involvement the afghan government should have in any final deal but on the ground in afghanistan people are dying in record numbers a u.n. report documented three thousand eight hundred civilian deaths last year including nearly a thousand children that's the highest number since record keeping began in two thousand and nine charlotte dallas has more from kabul. it's lunchtime when fifty eight year old mohammed who say arrives to open a shop he sells drinks out of a container in the symmetry doesn't get busy until the afternoon but it's busier than it's ever been. or. every day we're witnessing burials here there is no space left on this hill top we are suffering from these attacks the un says thirty eight hundred civilians including one thousand children were killed in afghan.


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